Great for: Parties, Sport Stadiums, Festivals, Restaurants, Churches and Schools No more one balloon dog balloons, Twist is a true balloon artist that can create anything you can imagine. Twist creates your favorite characters out of balloons before your very eyes. If you want to see something even more mindbending watch Twist create a balloon dog behind his back while blind folded. To make balloons faster Twist can use a wide range of balloon pumps, using compressed gas, electric, battery, foot pumps, and hand pumps that can be matched to your events needs and wants. If you want to see something that will blow you away ask Twist to blow up 3 twisty balloons at the same time with his mouth. If you have ever tried to blow up one of these balloons by mouth you will realize how extreme his lung power is. Need help with promoting your business? Twist cannot only make and hand out company related balloons, he can become your company's Logo or Mascot made out of balloons and still twist balloons while wearing it.


Great for: Outdoor Festivals, Parades and Events Need to make a great impression on your next outdoor event? There is nothing more memorable than a stilt walker, wherever a stilt walker goes everyone wants to have their picture taken with them, and they always appear on the local news segment. Twist is one of the best stilt walkers out there. He is able to combine stilt walking and balloon twisting to come up with some of the most unique costumes that anyone has ever seen from the regular tall man to Uncle Sam and beyond.


Great for: Festivals, Parties, Restaurants Combining comedy and Magic Twists interactive magic shows will amaze both young and old. Twist uses all his skills as a Juggler, Balloon Twister and Magician in a hugely unique high energy show which involves the whole audience, making everybody a magician


Great for: Walk a round's at Festivals or Work Shops for Schools, Libraries and Churches. Add a carnival atmosphere to your next event and have Twist juggle. Your guests will be free to come and go as they watch Twist's juggling skills. Twist has been teaching juggling for years to the young and old in workshops all over the world. Twist brings everything you would need to start a juggling workshop. Just invite your guests and watch the fun and joy as they start to learn a new fun skill.